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Guinness tour

At the Guinness brewery in Dublin, is there a tour? If so are there any problems getting in/long lines/etc? I have taken other brew tours where if you didn't get your tour tickets by 10am you were out for the day (Heineken in Amsterdam).

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I did this tour in 2004, it was self guided (they give you a map and you go at your own pace). I think I got there around 1 or so in the afternoon and maybe had to wait 5 - 10 minutes in line to get in, but that was it. It's pretty hokey, but then again, I'm not that much of a beer drinker/enthusiast, so someone with more interest in the subject may find it more interesting. The view from the bar on the top floor is pretty great!

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I had about a two minute wait in line to buy my ticket at the Guinness Storehouse, and the tour is self-guided. But as others have noted, this is not a brewery tour, more of a Guinness multi-media experience. The actual brewing complex sits across the street and does not offer tours to the public

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The Guinness tour is ok, not as good as it used to be. Now, it's very techno Euro, lots of loud music. You don't actually see actual brewing, but simulated pictures. The only good part is the view of the city from the bar. It's definitely lost the "pub" feeling that the old tour had.

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Do yourself a favor and spend the 14 euros on something else. The week-ends can have a long line waiting to get in. If you book on-line you save a couple of euros and do not have to wait in line.