Guernsey - where to stay- public transport vs car - ferry

Traveling to Guernsey end of May. We will be driving in the Loire, then taking the ferry from St Malo to Guernsey. Should we drop the car at St Malo and pick it up when we return in three days to carry on? How easy is it to get around the island by public transport Also looking for moderately priced B&B. -

Posted by Brian
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Guernsey used to have a good bus service. Remember they are part of UK and drive on the left- so a European drive car is awkward. When you are there consider a day trip by ferry to Sark, great little island- no cars allowed. You walk everywhere. Wonderful tea and scones

Posted by Audrey
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When I went to Guernsey some years back, it was very easy getting around by bus. Try to visit the other islands too - I liked Hern, hiked around the island which was nice. There's a lot of visitor information at

Posted by Rosemary
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We are also planning to rent a car and would like to find a place to park it around the St. Malo port for a few days while we ferry over and spend a couple days in Guernsey. Any suggestions and ideas of how much it is to park each day and where to park?

Posted by Ed
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There are many parking lots along the east side of the outside of the ramparts.

Posted by Cynthia
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There are huge parking lots (think stadium size) near the ferry ports just outside of St. Malo. I'm not sure how secure it would be to leave a car parked there for three days. Have you considered turning in the rental car and getting a new one when you return from Guernsey? St. Malo, by the way, is a very interesting town with lots of good shops and restaurants. We liked it much more than Dinan, despite the comments about both in the RS books.....Just curious, what draws you to Guernsey? We've been to the UK several times, but never to the Channel Islands.