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Great British Heritage Pass?

I would like to get this pass as it will save me money....but I can't pick up the pass the locations listed on the website and the shipping cost is very high. Has anyone used/purchased this pass? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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My sister and I purchased Great British Heritage Passes for an upcoming trip. Since none of the pick up locations will be convenient for our trip, I simply had the passes shipped to me in the States. It cost about $10 extra for the two passes, but to me the cost was worth the hassle of trying to get to a pick up location.

I figure that it all evens out, since we'll be saving quite a bit of money using the passes anyway : )

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I'm also curious about this, as I'm going for around a month this time and it would save a decent amount of money if it works genuinely.

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I just ordered ours yesterday. It seems like a great bargain. We cannot pick ours up at one of their pick up points either, so we are having them mailed. They only charged us one shipping charge for both passes ordered, so the cost wasn't too high. If I remember correctly, the shipping charge was 6 pounds 50? ($13). Yes, it seems high, but this way we don't have to divert and go to the center of Edinburgh to pick them up. (Center of Edinburgh is on the schedule for 2/3 of the way through the trip!)

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The Heritage Pass will definitely save you money. We got the one that covered Scotland also. Started at Stonehenge and the pass covered castles, gardens, museums, etc. We actually doubled our money using it. We pretty much planned our trip around the sights and it was a very memorable two week trip with 1,700 miles of driving.