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Great British Heritage Pass

Is it worth buying a few day's pass?

If you tried this pass, did you like it? Was it worth the money? I am trying to figure out if we should do something like this seeing we'll be in Oxfordshire and we may be able to visit Stratford, Cotswolds and Bath...maybe even Stonehenge?

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We purchased the Great British Heritage Pass for our family of 4 for our 3 week trip to England in 2001. We liked it very much but cannot tell you if it was "worth the money". I never really sat down and figured out what the admissions WOULD have cost us if we had paid separately. What we did like about it was that as we drove from place to place we would look at the map and end up stopping at one of the places on the Pass. These were not always the "top sites" but it was great. We were at one set of castle ruins all by ourselves except for one other British family. We had bought lunch in the small town below and ate it while sitting in these marvelous ruins looking out over the countryside. It made us see things we would not have otherwise bothered with and this was definitely worth it to us.

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My mother and I used the GB Heritage Pass on a week long trip to England and it ended up either equally or just surpassing the regular admissions. What we loved about it though was the chance to skip the queues (like at Stonehenge and St. Paul's) and see some of the lesser known sites. I definitely feel it was worth it. We did the Bath area and London and I really feel like it paid its way for those areas.

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This pass is well worth the money if you enjoy historic castles and stately homes. It gives you "free" entry to all National Trust properties, all English Heritage properties, plus a lot of those expensive private large historic homes and family owned castles, etc. We've purchased the 30 day one for several long trips and it quickly paid for itself and then some. It's nice to be able to have a quick tour of some interesting place when time is short (and you wouldn't even stop IF you had to pay!). Look up some of the places you think you'd like to visit on the internet, add up the cost, and see if it's worth it to you. One word of caution... if you're a family with children it MAY be cheaper to skip the GBH Pass and pay the family rate as you go. Have fun!