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gratuites in Londan

What are the tipping custom in London. Do restaurants include a higher fee in the bill. Is there a different custom in pubs and cabs

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My practice is pretty much the same as Keith's except that if there is a service charge in a restaurant I never leave anything else. Also in restaurants where there is no service charge I tend to leave the tip in cash. If you pay it on a credit card as part of the bill most large restaurants will charge an 'admin fee' to the staff before passing it on. This fee is generally 8 - 10% so if you want all of the tip to go to the people doing the work it's best to leave it in cash. Alan

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Be aware that if there is a service charge listed on the bill it may be optional (apart from for large groups) and should say so on the menu/bill. If that is the case I ask for it to be removed and leave nothing (for bad service) or whatever I think appropriate. As above I usually avoid eating in places where there is a mandatory service charge. When I tip it is about 10% or £5 a head whichever is less.