grand places to stay outside of London

Hi, I've looked at all sources but am running out out time - will be in London (after a week north and west of there) 3rd week of May. would rather spend $ on a really nice place within short train ride of the city than adequate in London - suggestions? your help is MUCH appreciated!! Rick Steves has always been a great help and will return the favor of course - THANKS!!! Rosemary

Posted by Linda
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We have had a struggle to find a good place around London, but we are going again this summer and this place was recommended to me just today. All I know is they loved it and it was easy to get into the city from there. This is estate belonged to W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan. Happy Travels.

Posted by Paul n Sara
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We have twice stayed at Royal Court Apartments in Bayswater on Gloucester Terrace, half a block north of Hyde Park . Having an apt saves on meals and this location is convenient to tube stops, making transport easy. It is also 4 blocks from Paddington Station.
The cost is about £60 per night. Breat walk thru Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace and from there thru St James Park to House of Parliament

Posted by Toni
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Why don't you check out Windsor. It is only 20 min. from London by train. Windsor is a very nice town. The castle is lovely ( and in May , I imagine the garden would be spectacular-- espeially the yellow rose garden). You can walk along the Tymes River. Lots of nice pubs and resturants. Stroll over the bridge to Eton. We stayed in the Castel Hotel, you might want to explore some B&Bs or smaller hotels.

Posted by Liz
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Windsor and Eton are lovely but they are about an hour from London by train - not 20 mins. If most of what you want to do is in London - which includes taking tube and buses in London - I would try and stay as centrally as possible. You will only save some money by being about an hour out and that will cost in terms of time and money.

Posted by Robin Z
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Actually, if you look at you will see that its around a 34 minute train ride from Paddington Station to Windsor. So don't be frighten when you see that the other post stated an hour ride. Staying in Windsor would be nich, the Harte & Garter Hotel is right acoss the street from the castle. It is a really nich hotel and you couldn't beat the location. A five minute walk from the train station.

Posted by Robin Z
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Oops, Windsor would be a nice place to stay in, also The Harte and Garter Hotel is a really nice hotel.

Posted by Arn
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During a three week stay in England last summer the Harte and Garter was my wife's favorite hotel by far. Right across the street from the castle and a
great view of the changing of the guard from the balcony. As I remember a little more than $300 a
night which was good price for the quality of the room.

Posted by Robin Z
Troy, Oh, USA
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I agree with Arn's wife. The Harte and Garter Hotel is my favorite hotel. I have stayed there on 5 different trips and I wouldn't stay any place else in Windsor.

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