Goteborg, Sweden

I just returned from an MSC Northern European cruise and someone asked about Goteborg. MSC claims they dock at the inner harbor which is close, just across the river, from the center of town. They do NOT. We were docked far away in an industrial complex of cargo ships, oil tankers, etc. There is no cruise terminal. The complex is huge and you have to go through a gated exit to escape. There is no public transportation. The only way out is either by taxi, which would be too expensive, or the ship's round-trip shuttle bus for E14.00. The drive took almost 1/2 hour to town! They drop you in the center, sort of, but without a good map it's impossible to tell where you are. My map was pretty worthless. We walked to the waterfront to visit the Maritime Museum, which claims to be the largest in Europe, but it wasn't there. Our map showed it being close to the bridge but there was just a little marina with some shops. Later we found out it was much farther away beyond the bridge. The only other sight worth looking at was the fish church, which is a fish market. Most of the town is fairly modern. There is one cute cobbled street with some cool pubs on it & that's about it for Goteborg.

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