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Good airfare price to London?

Hey, I am planning to go to London for the first time in November. I am wondering what are some ways you find deals and what is the regular airplane ticket assumed to cost. I found some for $1040 each and thought it was a good deal. Is it?

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You might want to go to and see what information they have.

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hi, i use and for flights at this time. i found a global map with prices but havent used is to actually buy tickets. is something i will be looking to add to my toolkit. Another comment is that i have been planning my trip in Sept since my trip last March and have also been monitoring prices. I will do so until i leave. for me, i am using my past costs from flying from PDX to Amsterdam (AMS) and go from there. I am going to use AMS as my "hub" so i will be making several more trips via AMS and see no reason to change unless cheaper flights show up somewhere else, but it will have to pencil out. Others may have better ways and more right ways, but thats the way im going to do it for now. since you live in houston, i would suspect that there would be a few or more other people that will chime in and give you a better price to shoot for. one other comment from past experience is that the day of the week can make a difference. if i remember correctly (iirc) kayak has some type of past price monitoring on it. I havent verified it, but it maybe something to look at. happy trails.

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$1040 from Houston is in line with prices I'm seeing from the east coast. (DC, NYC, Boston). A number of sites, including Airfarewatchdog, offer email alerts to price changes on specific routes. Otherwise, when I'm in the market, I tend to look, initially, at a lot of sites to determine the general pattern of prices. If that range is acceptable to me, then I start looking for the best price. I don't really ever expect to find tickets that are significantly cheaper than the competition. Once I find a price that's OK, I always check that airline's site to see their price on the same flights. Sometimes they are, in fact, cheaper. Plus, buying directly from the airline makes dealing with future problems a bit easier, since they can't just push you off to Orbit or Expedia or wherever you bought the ticket. If you do happen to come across a price that's way cheaper than everyone else, say, $600 RT from Houston, don't dither. It won't last long.

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Thanks guys, I used some of the sites you suggested and definitely made sure not to book a flight which had numerous layovers I wasn't comfortable with. Ended up finding a $1006 each deal with orbitz on british airways. Checked the british airways site to see if was cheaper there, but was 60 or so more dollars. Probably could've found better if I waited longer, but booked the $1006 tickets thinking it was a pretty good deal.