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Gift ideas for friend traveling (2nd time) to Ireland...

... from the U.S. (to Ireland, in October, 2009).

Does anyone know where I could exchange USD for EUR?

The only thing I could really give my friend is about $100 or so in Euro's (she was kind enough to purchase a 2-Day London Pass booklet for my 1st trip to Great Britain).

Does anyone have a better idea? I've never been to Ireland but would like to give her something Irish themed (that she could use during her stay)...

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You can go to your bank and order Euros. It should only take a few days. I'd hesitate to get her something she feels she has to carry that may not fit her travel plans.

Tell her the cash is for something special that she might have skipped doing or buying because of her budget.

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I agree with Karen - Euros are best! But my question is: why the picture of the squirrel? (not that I mind - he's cute - but didn't even know you could post pictures on here)

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How about some music?
The Pogues, Waterboys, Saw Doctors, or Dave Fanning's greatest Irish Rock songs which includes some U2. A Woman's Heart is also a nice mix.

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Just returned last week myself. My vote would be Euro's