Getting from Edinburgh to Stonehenge

I will be travelling in April with 3 friends and am staying in Edinburgh mostly & am looking to go to Stonehenge, possibly Bath & Windsor. The bus tours from Edinburgh don't seem to go to Britain. Wanted the bus tour for best access to Stonehenge. Any suggestions?

Posted by Ed
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Stonehenge is in England which is part of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Edinburgh is in Scotland which is also part of ....... Britain/Great Britain is a large island on which England, Wales, and Scotland are located. Neither Northern Ireland, nor Scotland, nor England, nor Wales are separate countries. Thus endeth Geography Lesson I and we shall now move on to Geography Lesson II. It's a really mean eight hour drive drive between Edinburgh and the Salisbury Plain. Bath and Windsor are real close to the same distance out. You probably won't find such a tour. You're going to have to start from someplace about four hundred miles south.