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Gatwick to central London

Hi, what is the easies and cheapest way to travel from Gatwick to central London?

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There is a train from Gatwick that terminates at Victoria in central London.

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The cheapest is a National Express coach (bus) to Victoria Coach Station for 6.60 GBP, but it's very slow. Minimum time is 90 minutes--and it can be much longer when traffic is heavy. Buses run about once an hour.

Fastest is the Gatwick Express to Victoria Rail Station for 14.90 GBP. Time is 30 minutes and trains run every 15 minutes.

You can take a Southern train to Victoria for 8.90 GBP. Time is 40 minutes and trains run every 15 minutes. It can get crowded during morning rush hour.

You can take a First Capital Connect train to various points in central London (an hour or less depending upon where you get off). Cost is 10.00 GBP and trains run every 15 minutes.

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There is a bus that takes you to London, but if you want speed and comfort, the Gatwick Express train is the best. Its a little more in price than the bus, and gets you there a lot faster!!!