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Galway Ireland

A group of 15 families will be traveling to Galway Ireland and we're looking for cottages to rent for a week or a nice hotel that can accomodate all of us

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You don't say how many total people 15 families are, but for a group that large you might be better off to work with a travel agent to find you a place. B&Bs generally can't house that many people, and hotels tend to be small as well. You could look for "self-catering" - rental cottages - at

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Are you wanting to be right in Galway City or just outside of it? How many cottages are you thinking about renting for 15 families once you factor in who is bunking with who and what size beds you need (twins for kids or grandma, doubles for married couples, etc.)? Assuming mom, dad & 1 child per "family", that's still 45 people you are trying to house and most "cottages" are 2 to 3 bedrooms. When is this trip? Are you going this summer or Fall? Are you going to be in Galway during a busy festival or event (like Galway Arts Festival, Galway Races, Volvo Ocean Race) when lodging is going to be more expensive and harder to find? If you go the cottage rental route, are you ok with knowing that it's unlikely all 15 families will be able to find cottages that are relatively close by each other? On College Road there are about a dozen B&Bs all lined up 1 after the other. Most are very small, but if you did a lot of calling around to see what the availability is, you may come up with enough rooms along College Road so at least you'd be in walking distance of most of your group. There are some large hotels in Galway City or just on the outskirts - some reasonably priced like Ibis or Jury's Inn, some middle of the road like Radisson and others posh & pricey like The G or Hotel Meyrick but they can all accommodate very large groups and if you speak with one of the Group Sales Managers directly and tell them how many people will be coming in and how many rooms you need for a week, they would probably work out a deal for you unless you are coming in during a festival. Do not speak to the front desk agent - ask for Group Sales. A final option could be a hostel like Sleep Zone that has family rooms & dorm rooms, they also would probably be glad to work out a special group rate, & similar to renting a cottage you'd have kitchen & laundry access.

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Thank you. College road is what we'd like. I'll speak with travel agent.