From Cork to Dublin in 8 days alone

I am flying into Cork tomorrow morning and flying out of Dublin next Thursday evening, traveling alone and without a car. I am still trying to plan what's the best rout to go for within a week under the condition of having a car (And how many days I should stay in each city.)And need suggestion if Cork is worth staying for a day or two or I should go straight to somewhere else from the airport. I really want to see some beautiful sights (The cliff and the coast line), eat good food, and meet local people. I am not too big on partying but would visit the Guinness factory in Dublin. Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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The Jameson distillery, historic and still working just outside Cork, offers a handsome tour. Be sure to be quick when the tour ends as a few in the group are chosen for a comparative whiskey tasting. It's easy to get to by suburban bus. I also liked the quirky museum dedicated to butter, one of Cork's famous manufactured goods, and an old prison for women, later turned to political prisoners. There's also some fuss about a ship named Titanic.
I liked Cork. Decent restaurants, lots of pubs including a few with artisanal brews, and pub music both ancient and modern (and if you find small places early in the week you may hear new music played on traditional instruments.) Ask your hotel for guidance or check the web for venues.