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Frankfurt-Copenhagen-Amsterdam w/kids

In 2005 we spent 10 days in Denmark. 4 nights in CPH renting a room froma local. Now we have a 9 month old and are not to sure how that will work. I am looking for B&B's private homes or inexpensive hotels for a family of 5.

Statring in Frankfurt 3 days in Germany on to CPH..Staying with friends on N Juntland then on to the Netherlands.

I am finding it hard to find places for the 2 adults 8yr old 5 yr old and 9 month old. Without buying 2 hotel rooms.

Thank You

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Apartments sometimes work better than 2 hotel rooms for groups your size but they often have a minimum # of days requirement. Europe is about 20% more expensive than in 2005, for those of us paid in dollars, due to the further deterioration of the dollar vs the euro since 2005. With B&B's, make sure you check their websites to see if they specify "no kids", some do have that policy and you can avoid needless inquiries of availability if you note that in advance of sending them an inquiry.

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I'd agree that an apartment would be the best way to go. Family rooms do exist in Copenhagen, but rooms tend to be small (and the dollar very weak against the kroner), so I strongly suspect you would have to get two rooms or a suite in a hotel. And you might want at least two rooms so the 9 month old can be put down for a nap or to bed without being woken up by everyone else.

Most apartments have a week minimum, but if you're there in the off-season, you might get one for just three nights minimum. There aren't many B&B's in Copenhagen - the only I stayed in was literally a very plain room in someone else's flat.

You might want to look out in the Copenhagen suburbs - might get more space for the money and it would be quieter - Copenhagen city centre can be a tad noisy late at night and the old flats aren't well insulated.

FYI, I think some hotels don't advertise their family rooms so you need to e-mail and ask.