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Folk Nights in Welsh Pubs

Hello. My wife and I were just listening to a recent Rick Steves podcast on the Celtic Fringes. He had Anne Doig from Scotland and a Welsh tour guide whose name I cannot remember. During a phone call he mentioned there was a pub in Conwy that has Folk Music Nights on Monday. He couldn't remember the name of the pub. We will be staying in Llandudno for a week this July and would love to visit the pub to hear traditional Welsh music. Anyone know the name of the pub - or where to get similar information about other pubs in North Wales or Edinburgh (we'll be staying there for a few days too).


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This is really easy once you know. The best place to get information about pubs is ...... in pubs !

Pick a nice old pub, walk in, order a pint, get chatting to the landlord or landlady, ask them about pubs that do folk music, get swamped by advice from locals, buy them a round, get talking about rugby, get included in their round, play a game of darts, buy some more beer, tell everyone in the bar - very loudly - that you never liked the English and that the Welsh are the best, have some more beer, learn to speak Welsh, drink more beer, do a Tom Jones number on the karioki, have more beer and change your name to LLewellyn, crawl home.

In the morning realise that you can't remember which pubs do folk music so go back to the pub in search of information ..... and so on .... and so on .... unto infinity.