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Flying into Dublin, later a Ferry to Scotl- Visitor's Visa for UK in Dubin?

Hello theres- I'm planning a month trip to Ireland and Scotland from Seattle. A year and a half ago I was denied entry into the Uk for not having a return flight, set travel plans, proof of funds and having just spent 5 months there three months prior (I was also traveling w/ a scotish boyfriend)
On this go around I plan on having all the documentation I can possibly have- also proof of a job and home I'm returning to. I'm wondering if when going through Dublin, if they'll offer a Visitor's Visa for the UK as well- as I'll be taking a ferry over (do they require a stamp on the passport for the UK when issuing tickets?). Or does the Irish visitor's visa cover the UK?

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The Irish tourist visa does not cover the UK -- they are separate countries. You'll either be accepted or denied entry when you get to the UK, not before (you can't get a UK tourist visa at the Dublin airport). You need to check with the UK embassy to see what your entry status is now, since you were denied entry before, fairly recently.

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Nancy is right. YOU really need to talk to the British consulate (not the embassy in Washington). The one in San Francisco covers the state of Washington.

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Hi. I would third checking with the embassy. I've heard tonnes of horror stories on the American Expats in the UK boards. (I too used to date a Brit.) You could probably ask a question there, as a few folks have been in the same boat. But having been denied entry into the UK before, I wouldn't plan like that part of your trip is in stone, unless you've worked it out with the embassy before hand.

Do you still have the Scottish boyfriend? tends to get you extra scrutiny (fears of illegal immigration, etc.) Chris

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Both Ireland and the UK are members of the EU - maybe some of the confusion is that neither are signed up to Schengen? Although Ireland is a separate country they will "stamp you in" to the UK as the RoI and the UK have a Common Travel Area agreement. I'm no expert but I think your UK refusal will cause a problem and I suspect you'll have to apply for a visit visa before you travel. As always with immigration issues, make sure to check official sources.

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Thanks everyone! Lots of Lv to ya and wish me luck:)