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flights to Ireland

My husband and I are looking to go to Ireland in the near future. Does anyone have any suggestions on booking a flight? Any specific airline?
Thanks for your replies.

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go to "" and see what cities, if any, the national airlines of Ireland flies out that may be near your part of the US.

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Hi Robin,
My husband and I are going to Ireland in May and we are flying an open jaw with US Air - flying into London and out of Dublin. I went on Expedia and found the cheapest airline tickets (which were US Air) then went directly to US Air's website and got the same tickets for about $40 cheaper. Always check the airline's website before purchasing from a consolidater, they are usually less.
Hope you find a great deal!

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My family and I just returned yesterday from Ireland, and we flew on Continental from Seattle to Newark, NJ, and from Newark to Belfast (returned through Dublin). Although the planes on these flights are smaller than I anticipated (Boeing 737-800s and 757s), they were on time, well serviced (food and drink-wise), and pleasant. We were accompanying our daughter's high school choir, which was broken up into two groups flying on different flights. I understand the other group flew on American from Seattle to Chicago, and Aer Lingus from Chicago to Belfast (returned through Dublin), and that all their flights were late and the check in process was not efficient. Hope this helps!

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We are flying into and out of London and then using Ryan Air ( to get to places like Stockholm and Dublin. They have flights for 10 pounds each way plus lots of fees, but each way we are paying about $55. They fly into Dublin, Cork & Shannon. The biggest problem is a very small allowance of luggage.

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Have you tried for flights? It will show most of the major carriers and their lowest price. My sister lives in Ohio and when we go to Ireland in June she will be leaving out of Cleveland to JFK to Dublin on AerLingus. It was the least expensive at the time. I think they are having some specials to Ireland now too.

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Try this website. I found it under Favorite Links (Yahoo Travel Directory) here on the RS website.

When you get there, click on the link Compare Flights

The website is a search engine of all the top online bookings.

I recently found flights from Louisville to Dublin for $253 one way. And from Shannon to El Paso for $420 one way.

Good Luck,

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The cheapest gateway airports to Ireland are NYC, Boston, Washington and probably Toronto. Maybe Philadelphia, too, but neither US Air nor that airport are easy to deal with. So the trick is to find the cheapest flight from your airport to that gateway, whether it's on the same airline or not. I think it's worth having a travel agent write your tickets if you can avoid an overpriced segment or tearing your hair out trying to coordinate schedules. Also, no more than 1 stop each way.

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It's generally easiest to fly into and out of London. Flying into Ireland is considerably more expensive most of the time, as is an open jaw as stated above. (There are exceptions, but not too often.) As stated above, RyanAir makes a good option. I use low cost airlines anytime I travel to Europe. Tickets are cheap if not nearly free when purchased well enough ahead. Yes, RyanAir charges for checked baggage but it's $5 to $15 a bag (depending on currency). On top of a $30-$40 one way ticket, that's not bad at all. You usually end up saving money anyway, and you have an opportunity to spend a night or two in London which is always worthwile to enjoy some excellent Indian tandoori or Thai food!

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Thanks everyone for your tips! They are greatly appreciated.