Fjords in Norway

My husband and I are traveling to Norway summer of 2013. I have three questions: 1. What is the best fjord to visit, in your opinion? 2. What are some fun things to do in Bergen?
3. What types of clothing should we pack for August? Thank you in advance.

Posted by Ed
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1. Geiranger. 2. The Nutshell, Bergenhus fortress, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Floibanen, Troldhaugveien (down at Paradis). 3. Rain jacket and sweater.

Posted by Cynthia
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The Geiranger Fjord is beautiful - waterfalls cascade down the sides. You can take a ferry ride on it - either round trip or exit at the west end and drive back to Bergen. Not much to do in the town of Geirganger, but you might enjoy the views at the Grand Fjord Hotel, about a mile out of town, set into the side of the mountain......The Sognefjord is also beautiful. I recommend staying in the old part of Kvikne's Hotel - yes, it's expensive, but totally worth it to experience one of the old wooden Norwegian hotels.. From there you can take a ferry across the fjord. The Vik stave church is on the other shore....One full day in Bergen is enough to walk the Bryggen and take the funicular RT. The restaurant with the unicorn sculpture, located on the Bryggen, is excellent.......Don't bother taking more than one sweater because you can buy beautiful Norwegian sweaters there..Pricey, but they last forever.

Posted by Carla
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Thank you for both of your responses. I truly appreciate the input. I can't wait to visit Norway!