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Fish Pie on London??

I have been told that Fish Pie is a great dish to try....I can't quite picture it...can anybody let me know where is the best place to eat it? I will be staying at different times in 3 different places...Islington Finchley Road near Hampstead and Knightsbridge near Harrods....lucky me eh?


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Each to their own I suppose.

I've never been a fan of fish pie. Fish fried in batter with chips and mushy peas is the way I like my seafood.

If you want to try fish pie go to 'The Prince of Wales' on Great Queen Street. Eddie's food is always good, especially at lunch time.

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Oh I should have said Fish Pie varies quite a bit.

One type is chunks of fish in a parsley sauce covered by soft mashed potato.

The other type is the same sort of thing but covered in puff pastry.

The first type is the more traditional.

A good fish pie should contain at least three different types of fish, say Haddock, Salmon chunks and Mackeral. The fish should be skinned and filleted and cooked in the pie dish it is served in.

The quality in London can vary from something quite unpleaseant that has come out of the deep freeze and been microwaved to a delicious hand made pie with fish fresh from Billingsgate that morning.

Most of the big chain food pubs serve stuff straight out of the microwave - tasteless gloop !

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You might look into "Rules", the oldest running restaurant in London and see whether fish pie is on their menu. I tried their steak and kidney pie. I ended up eating the steak and puff pastry and, well at least I tried the kidney :-) I am a pudding fanatic, so for dessert, their warm rice pudding with preserve was a home run, a least for me. Enjoy.