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Fish and chips in London

Any recommendations for a great, basic fish and chips meal in London around the area of the British Museum? Can you still find places off the street that sell them in the butcher paper anymore? It's been 10 years since we have been to London. Thanks, Kirk.

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This is one of those "ask the locals" things. After having "just ok" fish & chips at nice pubs finally asked a few locals and got recommended a hole-in-the-wall chip shop I would have otherwise passed without a second look. Food was much better and half the price, served in a cardboard tray wrapped in paper.

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There is an excellent chippie just five minutes walk from the British Museum on Leigh Street in Bloomsbury. I can't tell you it's name ( who looks at the name of a chippie ? ) but Leigh Street is quite small and there's only one chippie on it. They serve great fish, chips and mushy peas ( mushy peas = the caviar of the gods ).

Nobody wraps chips up in paper any more, instead they are placed in polystyrene boxes. I'm not in favour of many modern changes but this one gets my vote, the vinegar does not run through the bottom and the mushy peas don't get stuck to the paper. Wooden forks are still provided and the chippie on Leigh Street still serves local stuff like 'Rock Salmon' and Skate. All fish comes fresh from Billingsgate every day.

It's still great value for money.

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Thanks for your replies. This sounds just what I am looking for. I had a wonderful experience as well as food at a chippie near Charing Cross Station about 25 years ago. Was sorry to see it was gone when I returned several years later. :( Kirk

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The North Sea Fish Restaurant on Leigh St is close to Russell Square . Just check your Map. I ate there every chance I could when I stayed in Bloomsbury. Take out or eat in . The fish and chips are great and I loved the fish cakes and the tarter sauce. The also have a great fried seafood platter.
A good Indian Restaurant is right next door and Cartwright Gardens right across the street has several good budget hotels. Google Cartwright Gardens.