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First time to Denmark and Sweden

My husband and I will be in Copenhagen and Stockholm for 4 days each in early May. Our only Sunday falls in Copenhagen--what is best to plan that day for fear of anything being closed? Should that be a day trip outside of town or stay in town?

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In Copenhagen, museums and tourist sites are generally all open on Sundays. Hours will probably be 10 or 11am to 4 or 5pm, so you might want to plan out what you are going to do that day. Perhaps one museum and a nice walk or boat tour around town if the weather is good.

Stores are generally closed on Sundays, except some supermarkets and corner shops. The exception is that many stores are open the first Sunday of each month (and additional Sundays in June-August), usually 11 or noon to 4 or 5pm. I'm not sure how many stores outside Copenhagen do 'first Sundays'.


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Hi Alyssa,

In researching for our upcoming trip, I noticed that most things are open on Sundays and closed on Mondays (the only thing I noticed not open at all on Sunday was City Hall but there could be more). We only have 2 days in Copenhagen (Sunday and Monday), so we are going to do all the sights in Copenhagen on Sunday and venture out to Roskilde and possibly Frederiksborg Castle and/or Louisiana on Monday.


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Hello, Alyssa...

Stockholm sights......

Vassa Museum - a huge ship that didn't make it out of the harbor - encased in the museum building.

Gamla Stan - the old town The Royal Palace and Changing of the Guide

A boat tour of the archipelago (sp?) go out to the viking island -- relaxing and fun -

If you have a child like spirit - see the Pippi Longstocking house.....

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