Ferry to Aran Islands

Hello Everyone! My husband and I will be staying in Galway our first night in Ireland and plan to use this as a jumping off point to take a Ferry to the Aran Islands. I have heard that Doolin2Aran Ferries can be a bit unpredictable, but the times of service and the port is much closer to Adare which is where we will spend our second night. Has anyone used this service? Any problems? We could always use Aran Island Ferries in Ros a vil, but it'll be a much longer trip to Adare after we complete our day trip. Any thoughts/tips would be much appreciated.

Posted by Bill
Syracuse, NY, US
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Hi. Coby My wife and I stayed in Doolin in 20ll because we wanted to take the shortest ferry to the Aran Islands. On the morning we planned to go, we woke to a fearsome wind. Our B&B host (a former fisherman) assured us there would be no ferry that day. We went outside to check the conditions, and could barely stand up in the wind. We actually walked (?) down to the waterfront. We held on to concrete fenceposts along the way to keep from literally blowing away. When we got to the waterfront, the sea was surging several feet over the top of the concrete ferry pier! It was impressive. So, no ferry. But, this is what we had read about. The Doolin ferries are less predictable (although, on this day, we were told there would be NO ferries to the Aran Islands). At any rate, we had a very interesting day in Doolin, with extremely high winds. Our B&B host told us the wind, during the night, reached 140 kph. When I translated that to mph (84 mph), I had my doubts, but it sure was blowing! So, you may have the perfect day, and I hope you will. Ours wasn't so hot for the much anticipated trip to the Arans, but it was an experience to remember nonetheless. And, the music was great in Doolin. Bill Elkins

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Hi Coby, We took a ferry from Doolin in May 2012. I think all the ferry companies are pretty much the same, in terms of cost, service, and schedules. Use the one that's most convenient to you. If there is any unpredictability, it will be due to the weather and not to the ferry company. I'll cross my fingers for clear sailing!

Posted by Nancy
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Be aware that there is also a possiblity that bad wind/weather can crop up once you are on the island, and you can be unable to get back, too. Unless it is a totally clear day, or you have the ability to spend the night, you won't want to do it as a day trip.

Posted by tom
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Hi We used the Ferry out of Ros a vil and it was delightful. The trip to Adare from Rosa vil takes you around /through Galway and the route is abit tricky but manageable.
We took the afternoon(1:00) ferry and had plenty of time for a delightful horse drawn buggy ride from John- look for him with a red buggy with a tent-like top. He was wonderful and we were back in time to take ferry back around 5:00. I might suggest staying in Galway for a second night as it will be better going back to the same place and then on to Adare the next day. Plenty to do in galway. tom