Ferry question

We're going to Scandinavia at the end of June and will be needing to book a car ferry from Valldal to Geiranger and Geiranger to Hellysylt. Is it necessary to prebook the reservations? Just wondering if they fill up?

Posted by Ed
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Yes, but, maybe. From Geiranger we couldn't get to Valladal two days in a row. We took a Fiord tour down to the big bend the first day to kill time. Did the work-around the second by just driving up to the shuttle ferry at Eidsal. Even then, we had to wait out one cyle. It was probably July and we were told both days it was a fluke. It might be a different deal coming south. No idea about Hellysylt. If I were to do it again and were trying to keep to a schedule, I'd make reservations.