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Ferry from Galway to Inis Mor

I have been researching different ferry services to get from Galway to Inis Mor this August. I know about the main services that run out of Ros a'Mhil and Doolin. But I have also read in guidebooks and seen printed on recent maps of the area, a line that runs direct from Galway itself to Inis Mor. However, I've been unable in my months of internet searching to find any further mention of such a service. I've contacted the Galway TI, but have yet to hear back from them. Just wondering if any of you have visited Galway or Inis Mor recently and might know about a ferry line operating from Galway to Inis Mor.


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Hi Angella,

We stayed in Galway and there is a BUS service that picks you up and drives you about an hour to the ferry port. You can catch a boat to any of the islands from there. You can go to a few spots to purchase tickets, ask anyone in Galway and you will be directed. We got ours at a little office off Eyre Square, we purchased roundtrip bus and ferry going and returning all one day. I believe you have to decide if you want to return the same day or stay at time of purchase. They will let you leave luggage at the office and you get on the bus around back. There are several stops the bus makes and if you care where you sit ask where the bus picks up its first passengers or you may not get seats together as it is a free for all. One other little piece of unsolicited advice be sure to get off the boat and onto the return bus quick as you can. We noticed several locals from the island had hopped a ride on our bus which was obviously allowed but it filled up before some tourists returned and they had to wait two hours for the bus to drive to Galway turn around and come back for them. It is not a guaranteed seat on the first bus but a bus at some point. And there is nothing at the port so a very boring two hours. We also went during the off season so there may be more frequency to the buses/ and ferry crossings in the summer.

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O'Brien Shipping runs a cargo service out of Galway to the islands. I know little about them, but did talk to a couple of folks who rode out there on one of their ships. Try varients of the spelling in case I screwed it up.

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Sarah-Thanks for the heads up regarding the bus situation out of Ros a'Mhil. I will definitely be sure not to dawdle getting off the ferry on the return trip, if I use their service. A two hour wait at an empty ferry terminal doesn't sound like much fun.

Ed-I will give searching O'Brien shipping a try and see what I can find out about them.

Thanks to both of you for your responses!

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There is a ferry from Rossaveel and although there are suggestions to take the bus from Galway, we had a car and drove ourselves to Rossaveel. The ferry leaves at 10:30 and I would allow at least 45 minutes to get there from Galway if you have your own car. Unfortunately we did not allow enough time (30 min.) and saw the ferry pulling away from the dock and had to wait until the noon ferry.