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Favorite places to eat in Ireland

Hi all! I've been reading through a lot of posts (and RS book) to prepare for our upcoming trip through Ireland. Y'all are definitely an opinionated bunch (in a good way), so I figured I could go ahead and ask. If you could eat at one place again in the following cities, where would it be? We are willing to splurge on a few meals (example, I am so looking forward to Out of the Blue in Dingle!), but for the most part, looking at "reasonably priced" dinners; just give a heads up if the recommendation is really pricey. I am also a huge fan of the early bird specials! We are planning picnics/snacks during the day. So here we go: Cashel Dingle (already considering Out of the Blue for 1 night) Doolin (thinking about O'Connor's pub for dinner and then staying for music)
Dublin I think Dublin is the one I am most curious about since I know there are a ton of places to eat! We are adventurous eaters and will try anything. Thanks again! :) Y'all have been really helpful with tips so far!

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I am a big fan of "Out of the Blue," although I have not eaten there since 07. As a retired chef there are very few restaurants that I will eat two meals at in one day but this is most definitely one of them. Reservations are a must, especially in the evening.

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Another spot we really enjoyed in Dingle for a special dinner was The Half Door. I believe they do feature early-bird specials.
O'Connor's Pub in Doolin will be a fun evening. Enjoy!

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We ate at "Out of the Blue" this past June and it was really good. I'd recommend it, but I'd definitely get reservations in advance. I didn't have any horrible meals in Ireland, but the food wasn't what I remembered the most - unlike my trips to Italy, Spain, New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah and so on.

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Angela, We ate at Chez Hans in Cashel back in 2009. It is an old converted church inside and the food was fantastic. It is kind of pricey so I would consider this a "splurge" meal. A nice young lady in a shop told us about it and was even kind enough to call and set up a reservation for us that evening. Enjoy!

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Hi Angela!
I am currently studying abroad in the Dublin area and one of my favorite Dublin eats is Leo Burdocks. It is sort of a tiny little spot, there is no indoor seating. But, it is some of the best fish n' chips I have ever had :) I believe there are two locations, one in Temple Bar and one right next to Christ Church Cathedral. Enjoy your trip to Ireland! I love it here!

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Thanks to everyone for your great suggestions! We are getting so excited for our trip and we know it will be here before we know it!! :)

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Great casual dining in Dublin Temple Bar district at a place called Sixty6.