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Faroe Islands

I have a cousin going to do missionary work in the Faroe Islands. We are having a difficult time figuring out how he will get there for the cheapest, but yet cost efficient way. Can anyone help?

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You've probably worked this out but in case you haven't the best route is from Copenhagen ( CPH ) to the Faroe Islands ( FAE ) using Atlantic. The rest is down to seeing what day / time is the cheapest. If that doesn't work you need to call some of the large cargo shipping companies and see if they have any vessels heading to the Faroes that will take a passenger. Good luck to your cousin, The Faroes is one of the least accessible regions left in the west.

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The "national" carrier of the Faroe Islands and the only carrier serving the airport of the Faroe Islands is Atlantic Airways ( They have flights from Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Billund (Denmark), Aalborg (Denmark) and Aberdeen (Scotland). But not daily flights from other destinations that Copenhagen. Also from London and Stockholm in Summer. Otherwise there is one ship per week from Hanstholm (Denmark), Bergen (Norway) and Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) with Smyril line ( And that's about it