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famine genealogy

We'll be in Ireland in a couple weeks, and because my Irish ancestors came to the US during/after the famine years, I'd like to visit some related sites.
I'm thinking of visiting the Jeanie Johnston in Dublin and Strokestown on our way back to Dublin from Galway. We aren't going far enough south to see Dunbrody. What do others think about visiting these places or other suggestions?

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I'm not really sure what you are asking, but neither place will help you in any geneology research, if that is what you have in mind. If you see the Jeanie Johnston you have no real need to see the Dunbrody - they are very much the same. I have not been to Strokestown, but I have read good reviews of it. The famine museum is just a small part of it, though.

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Just a tangential suggestion- don't tell people you meet, "I'm Irish," they'll find it strange or even offensive. We Americans are very used to talking about our heritage in those terms, "I'm Irish, Italian, etc," but to Europeans that's nonsense.