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family of 5 in a quad room

I am thinking about putting my family of 5 in a quad room in London. It is a larger chain hotel. They do not have any quint rooms and I would have to pay for another room, and in London that is quite expensive. Has anyone done this before? Or can you offer me any insight if this will be okay. Thanks so much!

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You didn't say how old everyone is, but like hotels in the US, usually that is considered "cheating" by the hotel that is "losing" because you aren't buying. Also, most of the hotels that are in the less expensive price range have very small rooms and it could be impossible to add another person. I'm planning for a family of 6, and we are planning to do 2 rooms in London or a flat. Everywhere else we are doing 2 triples or 1 double & one family (4) room. London has a number of apartments that might suit you better since they don't seem to mind you putting someone up on the couch or a guest roll-a-way. Try for a place all to yourselves.

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Maybe look at Lancaster Hall Hotel & youth hostel. They offer "children's rates" and looks nice on the website. Hostel from 28 - 72 gbp, only you can't book until the month before or something. The hotel rooms are all twin beds - 79 gbp double and look good, en-suite with amenities. (I have not stayed here.)

My brother booked a single for later this summer at Furnival House (Westminster University dorm) for 27 gbp/n: There are other options at other dorms.

I booked Kensington Gardens Hotel for a reduced (!) rate of 79 gbp, no elevators, but nice amenities otherwise. They have Wifi, though not listed on the website.(If anyone hated this hotel, please don't tell me! I'm aiming to enjoy it.)

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Please e-mail the hottel and ask them if you may do this. It may be fine if you have small children. But if it is not, you will have to make other plans.