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Family apartments in London

I'm looking for an apartment for 4 in London. This will be the first trip, and we are okay with a 1 bedroom plus sofa in the living. We'd like to keep it as close to $200 a night if possible. I've looked at vrbo, airbnb and homeaway, but I'm not sure the best place to stay. I've looked at Kensington area, but the pricing for a highly rated apartment is higher there. Any suggestions?

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you may want to say if youre looking to stay in a particular area of london.

if you have a chance look at the "London School of economics". They have some rental apartments around the "center?" of london. I havent priced them or stayed in any of them, yet but i hope to next year if my time allows it.

happy trails.

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Carrie, I think you are looking at the right websites for options (I prefer airbnb). At that price point I would focus on less central areas, that will help. My wife and I stayed on our last trip to London near Tower Hill, just across from the Tower of London. Close to a tube stop, but a bit of tube ride to get to Kensington or even Westminster. But we loved it and it was no impediment to enjoying all the parts of London we wanted to see. I could see areas in the East End (Shoreditch) or further west (Chelsea; Fulham) being better areas to focus on in hopes you find something at that price range in a super expensive city. The transport links are so good that being out a bit further shouldn't hurt your access to Westminster/other central touristy areas. Have fun, cheers. Steve

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One of the priorities when planning the family trip this summer was to return to our tradition of renting apartments for a week at a time whenever possible. To be sure, if your number one goal is to see as many of the top sites in a country as possible, it is usually easier to hop from place to place. You spend a few hours at one site, then move on to the next, find your lodging for the night and the next day repeat the cycle, snaking a path that touches upon the best of everything. It's an effective, efficient way to travel for a week or two. But if you have more time to spend away, you should consider basing yourself in one place for an extended period of time. Not only does it relieve you from the stress of constant movement and change, but it also gives you a chance to call one place home and stretch out a bit.

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