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Extended lodging in London

Hello! I'm planning to spend approx. 45 days in London this summer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a locator service, bed & breakfast, or additional idea for long-term lodging? I'm certainly open to cities up to an hour from central London. Thanks in advance!

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A friend of mine negotiated a monthly price at a private bed & breakfast...taking the "least" room off the kitchen and offering to do light chores such as setting the breakfast table; etc. She really enjoyed her time there and almost "became one of the family". Maybe someone else can reccomend a family that would be interested. Another idea is University housing that might have space available for visitors in the Summer.

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Check school of economics summer housing in London but do not delay as they get filled quickly. You might also ck Garden Court Hotel nr Kensington Gardens walk everywhere in a great area. perhap you could negotiate a long term rate there it is like a large B&B.

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Use You can negotiate your length of stay. Great places in London.
Simply remember to find a place with in Travel Zones 1 & 2 to keep your transportation costs down. Then again since you are willing to stay an hour's time outside London proper look at everything.

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I used At Home in London for a short stay while I was in London. However, they do have several properties that have weekly rates.

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Have you thought about home exchanging? We are exchanging with two different families in Europe this summer...3 weeks in Switzerland and 3 weeks in London. We use and this will be the 8th and 9th trades we have done. It's so nice to live in a home, live like a local, and really get to know the culture by living in it!

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I am staying at an apartment I found on airbnb now. If you look early there are lots of great deals and you can likely work with the host on the price.

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I think the earlier poster mean the London School of Economics that has dorm rooms available for little cost. Check it out--they have multiple buildings across London.