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Exciting London Laundry Question

Hello I am going to be in London next week (for my first trip overseas!)and am looking for a place that I can drop of my laundry and then pick it up all nice and clean later in the day. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of a place that would do that? I am staying near King's Cross. Thanks! Bryan

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It's a couple miles from King's Cross, but if you were going in that direction for anything, such as Imperial War Museum, Tate Modern, or planning to do out around the South Bank for the day, there is a laundry on Lower Marsh that did our week's worth for about 10GBP. Lower Marsh is a street being pedestrianized that is just south of Waterloo Station.

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What you want is known in England as a "service wash." There are places for this all over London; just ask at your hotel for the nearest one. But before surrendering your clothes, do double-check how long it takes. Sometimes it's just a few hours, and sometimes it won't be done until the next day.

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No exciting London laundries left since Chessingtons World Of Laundry closed down years ago. Good thing too as riding the 6000rpm wash cycle made everyone violently sick (not a pretty sight) and most of the driers were too small for grown-ups to ride in. Kids had a blast though and it saved on bath-time... :D Seriously though (it could happen...) your best bet is to google "Launderette" to find places nearby. Looks like there's one down Chalton street that does service wash; you'd need to give them a call to find out if they do same-day.

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When I was in London a few months ago and sought the same type of service, I did encounter some places that would not wash underclothes (for hygiene reasons? because they had hang-ups? who knows...). Just a little FYI. In any case, at least in the area that I was staying, there were several options in the immediate vicinity, and so I could find one that would wash everything. Good luck.

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I dropped off four shirts at a same day laundry service, and was shocked when I picked them up that afternoon to have to pay 17 pounds!! The only reason I had them washed was because one of the shirts had a big wine stain (lesson learned: look for mother's gesticulating hands when they get near her wine glass!), and the place didn't get any of the stain out. We ended doing all of our clothes in York for a lot cheaper a few days later.

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Bryan, This may be too personal and/or say far too much about me but, how long will you be there and do you really have to do it?

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Yes I do need to do it. I will be away 2 weeks and I can't fit that many clothes in my backpack.

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When I was in London a few months ago and sought the same type of service, I did encounter some places that would not wash underclothes... This is common in some parts of the world - although it's a surprise to me to hear about it in London. I travel to Thailand occasionally, and am reminded about odd laundry customs there every time I go: there are many, many places that wash and dry clothes for a small fee, they're everywhere. But none will accept underwear - to my surprise and (initially) mild annoyance. Most places either giggle and refuse politely or wave you off yelling at the crazy foreigner. Only explanation I've ever been able to get from my Thai relatives was a sheepish "just too personal" and an occasional "it's a Buddhist thing." OK, sp we all have to make adjustments. When in Rome...