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Hello! We are hoping for a two week trip to the UK in April - but our daughter will be 10 months, so we want to ensure we plan things as logically as possible. We thought of flying into London and just spending two or three days there (we have both been before); then moving north to visit a family member in Leeds, then doing a little hiking in the Lake District and on up to Scotland (my husband has never been and the scenery will astound him); I was thinking Isle of Skye (with the obvious stops to see Edinburgh Castle and Loch Ness, etc on the way). We then thought of Ireland for a couple of days, and flying home from there. My main questions are: 1) is this too ambitious for 2 weeks, with a 10 month old underfoot?
2) what would be the best recommendation on transport, given we have the baby? I'm worried about the chaos of driving - but since I was hoping to spend some time in the hills to hike, is a car the easisest to get around? I've never used the train system there before. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Pamela
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My only suggestion is to consider being very flexible in your planning. As you may know Scotland's weather can really vary from east to west and north to south. So, I would suggestion building a group of different trips and pick the one that suits the weather. Edinburgh, of course, won't be weather dependent, but scenery is. So, if the weather is good in the west, head to Oban and the isles. If it's raining, maybe head northeast to Aberdeenshire and the mountains and castles. One thought would be to head north to Inverness and do day trips from there depending on the weather to the east, west, north and south. Pam

Posted by Toni
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I would consider saving Ireland for another trip. That would allow you plenty of time to pace yourselves, which is important, especially with such a young infant. I'd also consider renting apartments in a few locations. Maybe 'do' London (3 days- a hotel would work), then the family visit, then get an apartment in Edinburgh for 3-5 days and maybe go to Inverness and get an apartment for 3-5 days there. If you really want to do some hiking, check out the Caringrom area of Scotland. This routing would allow you to use trains more and worry less bout driving. The train system is easy to use. If you really want to include the Lake District, I think you will have to consider using a car for at least part of the trip.