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end of Scandinavia tour

former Scandinvia tour members any experience with this, info from end of tour evaluation 1. Bergen to Oslo train was enjoyable & fly out of Oslo 2. plus some hang ups on return flights out of Bergen to US following tour 3. Any suggestions on 2012 tour beginning dates: 1. 13 May, 2. 27 May, 3. 12 Aug. Thank you

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Anne & Andy, I'm assuming you mean suggestions on 2012 tour beginning dates?

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Having taken that RS tour before, I would vote for the
Aug 12 tour as it will be warmer that far up north. Especially if you are from CA and use to warmer weather. In any case, check out the average temperature chart associated with that tour page. A beautiful tour but expensive for things outside of the tour and I am use to high prices here in Hawaii.