Electric plug adaptor for England

What do I need to buy here in the USA in order to use my hair dryer, computer, etc. in England?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jeanne, Before considering Plug Adaptors, you'll first need to check EACH of the devices you'll be travelling with to determine if they're designed for use on 220 VAC electrical systems. Check either the device or the Charger, looking for the wording "Input Voltage". If that states 100-240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, then you'll only need Plug Adaptors. It's likely that your computer will have a power supply designed for multi-voltage operation. However, the hair dryer is likely 115 VAC only, so can only be used in Europe with a Voltage Converter. If that's the case, you might consider packing along a dual-voltage hair dryer or buying one when you arrive in Europe. You'll probably find that most of the hotels you'll be using supply a hair dryer, either in the room or at the front desk. For travel in England, THIS Plug Adaptor is the correct model for ungrounded appliances. Note that outlets in the U.K. are often equipped with a switch right at the outlet, so you'll have to ensure that's switched on. Cheers!

Posted by gone
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hi, this comes up alot and just recentlhy. to bad there isnt a "sticky" for FAQs HINT HINT mods. to answer your question. 1. look at what you are going to bring in terms of adapters/charges you currently use here. 2. Read the info on the adapter/charger and if youre lucky it will say something like: INPUT VOLTAGE 110/220 VAC. If this is true, then all you need is an ADAPTER. Its a thingy that allows you to plug your adapter/charger in their wall socket. 2A. if your device doesnt have in 2, then you need a CONVERTER. If you have access to an REI, they have what you need. I was also going to recommend Radio SHack, but some others say not to use them. All of my stuff needs just an ADAPTER so i got my ADAPTER set from REI, but i found a better all-in-one style in one of the airports in Europe and got that instead. happy trails.

Posted by Nancy
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Hint, hint, Ray. This topic IS contained in the "sticky" FAQ at the top of every section of the Helpline. Been there for years, actually.