Electric plug adapters in Norway and Scotland

I'll be traveling to Norway and would like to know about the type of electrical outlet plug adapters used in Norway. I have a plug adapter that is labeled Europe but none of the adapters in the kit I purchased specifically list Norway. Also what kind of if adapter is used in Scotland? Some of my adapters are labeled Great Britain (certain areas) and another one lists it is for parts of Great Britain. My set is quite old but it did use an adapter from the kit in Italy last November. Thank you

Posted by Edgar
Medford, OR, USA
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The Norwegian outlets take the two round pin Continental Euro plugs. The Scottish outlets take the English/UK plug with three reactangular pins, two being parallel and thicker than US plugs. Note that voltage is higher 2X the US voltage.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Also, what devices are you bringing? Most modern electronic devices require only a simple socket adapter, but simpler electrical appliances need a transformer as well.

Posted by Christophe
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Norway uses the German Schuko system. This is the most common in continental Europe and is the one labeled "Europe". Scotland uses the British system which is the huge plug with three prongs.