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Edinburgh to Keswick to York

We'll be going from Edinburgh to Keswick and then on to York. I'm assuming that renting a car upon leaving Edinburgh is the best way to go, especially to see some of the Lake Country. Am I right? How hard is it to get our of Edinburgh by car and into York?

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There are a lot of roadworks in Edinburgh right now, so don't get your car until you're ready to leave town. I believe that National has offices that are a bit outside of the city centre, but you'll still have some city driving. I didn't find Edinburgh to hard to drive in, provided you're not dodging roadworks. So, if you have a navigator you should do fine. You should explore the borders a bit on your way to Keswick. The abbeys--Melrose, Jedburgh, and Drybrurgh--are great. (although you don't need to see all three!) Also, Abbotsford, Scott's home is not fr from Peebles. Further south check out Hermitage Castle. It's really an amazing place that's packed with history. Check out Hadrian's Wall as you cross the border. There's a great museum in Hexham on the Reivers. The whole Debatable Lands with it's history of cross border raids is a stark, but beautiful place. If you get interested in this history check out the castle in Carlisle. It's where they stashed the Scots that they caught reiving. I can recommend some books on this area if you're interested. You should have a beautiful drive across the fells and moors to York. Pam