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Edinburgh Tattoo Seating

Pardon me. I have gone to search for my question, because I'm certain it has been asked ad nauseum, but the search returns me directly to the helpline. Entirely new look suddenly on the helpline, and I'm sure the issues will be mended soon, but meanwhile......So happy to be heading to Edinburgh next August, and I need to buy tickets to the Tattoo in a few weeks. Those of you who have gone....tell me, 50 yard line seats? At the end facing the castle? I know there are really no bad seats, but if you could pick.....???

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I'd really like to get back for another performance of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, but not sure if it will be possible on the next trip. I last attended in 2011.

The most popular seats (and hence the higher prices) are sections 7, 8, 9 and 10 at the end of the venue. That's where all the "brass" sits. Those seats are a good place to watch the performers entering through the smoke from Edinburgh Castle, although they will be at the furthest distance from the end seating.

My suggestion for the "best" seating would be about a third of the way from the bottom in sections 3 or 14. Many of the performances take place in centre field, so being close to that will allow the best viewpoint, and hopefully some good photos. The gold-plated seats will be farther from those performances.

You might look into the premium packages (as soon as they're announced) as those should provide better seating and preferred entrance. I purchased the Wallace or Bruce package or something, and it was a much more pleasant entrance to walk past the "herd" and right to my seat.

I purchased some clothing at the Tattoo shop and also ordered a DVD of the performance.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Tattoo - it's awesome!

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I don't know anything about sections, but I'd guess Ken is describing the area most distant from the castle as where the brass sits. If you can find a picture of the place when the fancy covers are on the lower seats in the fat section, you want to be as close to there as possible since it's the pivot point for the performance.

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Based on my experience at the Tattoo this summer, I'll second Ken's recommendation of lower level seating in a central section. My choice would be either 4 or 13. Enjoy!!!

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Yes, the high priced seating where the "brass" sits is the furthest from the Castle (the entrance point from the Royal Mile passes right under these seats). Have a look at THIS diagram for a good view of the various seats.

Further to my previous note, if you're able to choose a seat that's on the aisle that will make it easier to get out for washroom purposes, without having to crawl over a bunch of fellow spectators. The washrooms are under the large bleachers. I suggested about a third of the way from the bottom, as there are support personnel and barriers at ground level, so you need to be above them in order to get a good vantage point for photos. They'll be located in the black border area shown at the base of the bleachers.

One other important point to mention - be sure to dress warmly. I found that the weather can be "chilly" even in August, so some clothes for "layering" would be prudent. Also, check the weather and pack along light rain gear if necessary (NO Tattoo performance has ever been cancelled due to rain!).


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Hi Sharon: A few months ago I joined the Friends of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for $40. The principal benefit of doing this is to get a two week head start on the purchase of tattoo tickets over folks who are not members. Membership provides a two day window for buying tickets which started today at 2:00 am Pacific Time and will end at 4 pm on Friday.

Here is what I learned about buying the tickets. (1) Forget using the on-line ticket office. I was on my computer from 2:00 am to 3:30 am and never did connect with the sales office. A friend who went to this year's performance said that she was able to connect but was timed out before she could complete the transaction. (2) I purchased a ticket today at around 3:30 am by calling the ticket office and making the purchase. The person who answered the phone was quite helpful in answering my questions such as what are the differences in taking photographs at the 7:30 tattoo when there is natural light versus taking photographs at the 10:30 tattoo (Saturday) when there is only artificial lighting. The transaction went without a hitch. (3) I purchased a second ticket by mail order and got the seat that I was seeking (Section 9) plus I will be participating in a back stage tour prior to the performance (note: this requires gentlemen to be dressed in a coat and tie which means bringing extra clothing to the UK next year). I think it is too late to submit a mail order - keep in mind that it cost $24 to send a two page order form by airmail from the USA to Edinburgh.

To answer the question that you posed: I will be attending one performance with a seat in Section 9 and another performance with a seat in Section 3 to get the side view of the show. This section has its fans.

Best wishes. Geor(ge)

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Thanks to all for your assistance. There is a large group of us going. Several of us joined Friends of the Tattoo and ordered tickets for the group back in November. We are seated Row R and vicinity, midway up, in Section 12. We received our tickets in the mail yesterday and are truly excited about this experience!