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Has anyone tried:: THE ABBOTSFORD BAR 3-5 ROSE STREET?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Shelley, I'm not familiar with the Abbotsford Bar, but you might try a visit to Sandy Bell's or Greyfriar's Bobby. Cheers!

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Looks amazing, and might be a dream pub to end all dream pubs... but honestly, unless you are booking an expensive function there, I wouldn't worry if it lives up to expectations. There is always another pub around the corner! Half (at least) of the fun of pubs is wandering into new places and meeting new people.

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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Rose Street has lots of pubs and restaurants. So go, have a pint and move on if it doesn't work out. If you want some good sea food, the Mussel Inn is on Rose Street and is terrific. Pam

Posted by Richard
Meridian, USA
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We had lunch at this pub. It was very nice. I would recommend it. I believe the bar was downstairs and we ate upstairs.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Thank you Richard. Tha't what it looked like from their website. I think we will check it out. I found it by looking for something else on Google maps. lol Glad to hear from someone who has gone though.