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Edinburgh in 2 & 1/2 days???

Still trying to figure out where to spend the last 2 & 1/2 days of our trip. We are doing the RS tour in October and it ends in Rome. We are thinking of either going to Edinburgh or Dublin? We want to see castles as well as hang out with the locals. Have you been to either city in October?

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October in Edinburgh can be gorgeous or won't know until you get there. But it's a wonderful city with lots to do without a lot of travelling.

You could do Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood one day and spend the next doing museums or climbing Arthur's Seat or relaxing with a pint or a cuppa!

The pub along the Royal Mile tend to be a bit touristy, but there are plenty of locals who frequent them as well. The Jolly Judge is nice, as is the Ensign Ewart. Sandy Bell's which is down by George Square has live music on a regular basis.


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I prefer Edinburgh to Dublin. Edinburgh has more attractions and best of all the main tourist street called the "miracle mile" has castle's on both ends of the street-right in the center of the city!

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Edinburgh is my favorite. We met more locals in this city than we did in Dublin. We met two couples who basically took us pub crawling and paid for all the drinks! We couldn't believe how friendly they were. Besides Edinburgh Castle, there's the Holyrood which we didn't go into because the Queen was on "holiday" (but we did catch a glimpse of her in her motorcade). Stirling Castle is worth a visit but it seems this will be a time constraint and you would need a car. But I do recommend one silly thing...attend service at the St. Giles Cathedral. We were late and the doors were closed, but a female choir member was late too, brought us through the back and we actually attended service. It was an experience to remember. The church members were so friendly and they were glad to see us there.

Definitely stroll the Royal Mile. They have walking tours too.

We went in July so I can't say what the city is like in October. Happy Travels!