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Eating around Ashford Castle

Hey all,

I got a pretty good last minute rate for 2 nights at Ashford Castle up near Cong, Ireland. However, I dont think we want to go the jacket and tie route for dinner, so does anyone have any suggestions for eating outside of Ashford Castle? We will have a rental car and a GPS so driving is not a big deal.

We leave excited!

Thanks to everyone on this board for all of your help!

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The town of Cong is only a short walk from the Castle, so you should be able to find some smaller Restaurants or Pubs there (I wasn't really "looking" when I was last there, so don't know how many there are in the town).

It's a bit of a drive, but if you feel like going to Galway, the Galway Bakery Co. is excellent (and there's lots of other restaurants there as well).

Be sure to look for the The Quiet Man house in Cong (named after the 1952 movie of the same name starring John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara). The fan club for the movie hold their annual meeting Ashford Castle (the Castle is magnificent BTW).

This is what the Quiet Man House looks like:


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Tracey you lucky duck! We could only manage the free self-guided tour of the castle and grounds when we were there last year. Lovely spot. We ate in a great little pub in the main street Plenty of places which won't break the bank. Please post your thoughts on the Ashford Castle experience on your return

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I think dining in Cong will be the way to go for us. I received a dining services email from Ashford and their 5 course meal is 68 euros plus 15% tip :)

Ken and Judy, thank you for the suggestions and I will post my thoughts on Ashford when I get back.

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We ate a couple different pubs/restaurants in Cong. They weren't all that great or memorable - HOWEVER, once you see the price list for the Castle breakfast lunch and dinner, you'll eat every meal in town with glee. :)

The vegetable soups at most places were quite good.