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Dublin to Galway - Worth it?

Trying to decide whether to fly into Dublin and depart Shannon vs. fly in and out of Shannon. Main focus of trip will be Munster, which suggests SNN/SNN.

However, we will be in Ireland at the time of the Oyster Festival in Galway and would like to attend. We can either fly into DUB and drive or train to Galway or into SNN and then drive to Galway. My question is whether the countryside between Dublin and Galway is worth seeing.

I actually went the Dublin-Galway route once, but that was nearly 30 years ago and my memory has, well, faded.

Your opinions?

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The interior of Ireland is mostly farmland and pasture. The most "dramatic" scenery is near the coasts. But if traveling by car, a stop in a small town off of the tourist map can provide some great experiences.

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I'd vote for SNN/SNN. It just seems to make more sense, since everything you'd like to see is on that side of the country.

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Shannon airport is much easier to navigate than Dublin which can be a real zoo at peak times. I would recommend SNN/SNN.

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I did the Galway-Dublin drive in June, it was quite a boring drive. Unless you want to experience modern irish traffic, that is.Instead, spend that 5 hours making your way up through the Burren from Shannon. Gorgeous, wonderful. Stop at the Tea Junction in Ballyvaughan, nice home-y lunch spot for a sandwich & a cup of soup.

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Thanks for the replies. I booked the DUB/SNN alternative, but might not actually do the drive from Dublin to Galway unless it's along secondary roads. I actually like the interior of Ireland, at least what I've seen of it, so might head southwest from Dublin down past Lough Derg to get to SW Ireland.

Joel's suggestion of the Burren drive is a good one - was through there last year. Might do it again this year, might not. It's a fascinating area, ecologically speaking.

I'm all about discovery on trips, so I'm sure I'll find something to like about the drive through the midlands.

Thanks again.

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Hi Mike,
We attempted to drive from Dublin to Galway at the end of June and the M6 ended!! There was a round-about, but the entrance to the Galway section was under construction. Closed! With no detour signs. But I would still do it again. We stopped at the Hill of Tara and Trim Castle which were wonderful sites to see. Just get a good recent map, and see if you can find any information on the internet about road construction.

I took the train from Dublin to Galway the last time I was over there. It is a quick alternative, if time is an issue for you.



the road from Ennis to Shannon was also under construction (i.e. closed!).

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Hi Kathie,

Last year when we were in Ireland the road from Ennis to Shannon was under construction, but not closed. It was a bit of a pain getting through, but at least we could get through.

We've decided to NOT go to Galway this year, instead heading south from Dublin through the Wicklow Mts, to see Powerscourt and Glendalough, then down through Waterford to the south coast. Will spend a few nights in Kinsale, a couple each in Kenmare and Dingle, and finally in Ballingarry, then fly out of Shannon.

This will be more driving than is ideal, but I think the driving routes I've picked out will be very scenic.

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Galway was my least favorite place that we stayed. I loved the drive up the coast to Northern Ireland. I also loved Kinsale. We stayed in a neat B & B overlooking the harbor. We were a couple of days ahead of Rick Steve. We took the walking tour and the tour guide he talks about in his book told us he was coming. We also had the best meals there. We drove in a circle around the coast starting in Dublin and ending there. Had a great time in Dingle, although the B & B switched rooms on us and we had to go down the hall to bath.