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Dublin - Oliver St. John Gogartys

Anyone ever stayed in the apartments here? What was your experience?


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It's a multi-story touristy pub with live music right at the beginning of temple bar. It's VERY noisy all night long and then street and trash cleaning starts around 4.30am... other than that: Great, good food, good partying!

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Even the swanky hotel U2 owns is right in Temple Bar, but I'd avoid Temple Bar like the plague when it's time to sleep. Unless you are planning to party all night long and don't care that you are staying in the middle of tourist central dodging puddles of vomit hurled by the attendees of "stag" and "hen" parties happening every weekend, find a room someplace else.

You can book a room in another neighborhood and easily walk or cab to Temple Bar to go to Gogartys to hear live "Irish" music (if you consider John Denver's "Country Roads" picked out on a banjo and tin whistle "Irish"). If you want to meet lots of people from America, go to Temple Bar...if you want to meet the Irish, go anywhere but Temple Bar.

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My favorite place to stay in Dublin is Staunton's on the Green. It's been our home away from home in Dublin for over 15 years. It's right on Steven's Green, and a very easy walk to anywhere in the Centre.

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I think temple bar is a great place to stay. It's not as dirty as the other comments have suggested. And the college and library is near by... and I would suggest taking the musical pub crawl at the end of the night the musicians give you tips on other real Irish pubs to go to.

If you think Temple bar is dirty you should have seen New Orleans before the hurricane.