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Dublin, Edinburgh, London

My wife and I are thinking of traveling to Dublin (3 nights), Edinburgh (2 nights), and London (3 nights). Is this too ambitious?


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Welcome Michael,

It all depends on what you all expect and want out of this trip.

If youre going to do it in 1 day, i would almost say yes, but you may have a private jet waiting for you. joking.

This is the way i see it. It will depend on what you all want to do. In my opinion (imo) you are short changing London since there is soooooo much to see and do there, but again, it will depend on what you want to do. If you want to do side trips, then that will take time away from the city.

but, if that is all the time you have, then so be it.

I did Dublin in 3 day and i didnt see everything either. Edinburgh, was the same amount of time and the same. London i spent 4 full days there and didnt see everything i wanted to see, but saw most of what i had PLANNEd to see.

The only place i did an outside trip was in Dublin and that was to the Irish National Stud. All of the other places were in the city.

good luck and happy trails.