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Dublin-Dingle value

Greetings, We have 6 Days booked in Dublin, we would like to squueze a couple of days in Dingle into this. Is taking a train into and out of Dublin to Tralee and taking the Bus feasible, or should we bypass Dingle and try someplace else? I assume there are many nice areas which have great music, people and pubs in a small town atmosphere, wht the level of culture that dingle is supposed to have.

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Unless there is a reason to stay 6 days in Dublin I would stay 2 ,either the first or last and rent a car and drive to Galway or Dingle.We spent 3 nights in Dublin and that was more then enough.There are many things in the southwestern part of regards jack

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I agree with Jack, 2 days is enough in Dublin, little to see. In fact I like to stay in Dun Laoghaire and bus to Dublin.Dingle is lovely and tranquil but takes alot of time to get to.

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I've read it's best to just rent a car in Ireland. It is relatively inexpensive and more efficient than the train.

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We had 6 nights in Ireland and did 4 nights in Galway (with day trips from there) and 2 nights in Dublin. We felt like this was the perfect amount of time in each place. We decided to visit Dingle on a future trip rather than try to squeeze it into such a short visit.

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I did a bus pass for 5 days of un-limited travel. Dont miss Dingle and the Ring of Kerry. A car is your best bet with more than 1 traveler along.

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I agree that 2 nights in Dublin is probably good. One option might be to take public transport (bus/train) to Galway or Limerick and pick up your car there to explore the west coast on your own. It is possible to enjoy Dingle using public transport - we spent 2-3 days there - but I think Galway or Limerick might have better direct links for day trips and things.

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Three trips to Ireland and all of them have been without a car. It's the last time though, as the remainder of places I wish to explore will require it. But the majority of things people want to see are well connected by bus, and some things by train. Yes, it is feasible to go Dublin to Dingle via train to Tralee and take the bus from there. I've done that, but in reverse. I believe it's about 4 hours on the train with a 90 minute or so bus ride. It tends to kill the better part of one day but Dingle is such a relaxing place to spend 3 days that I would say it's worth it.

For time better spent traveling, take the train or bus to Galway. My favorite city in Ireland, and a day tour on any number of bus companies north through Connemara including Kylemore Abbey or south including Cliffs of Moher is worth the trip. The bus is actually faster Monday through Thursday, oddly enough. Takes about 3 hours, well over 4 hours if there's heavy traffic on weekends.

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Any issues or gotcha's we should look out for? Is the train/bus trip at least semi scenic? We are going to try it in august. 2 nights and 3 days