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Dublin Day Spa?


I will be spending 3 weeks in Ireland this August. For the first 2 1/2 weeks I am scheduled to hike 194 miles (1/2 Wicklow Way, all of Dingle Way plus shorter day hikes on Inis Mor, and in the Burren). During my final 3 1/2 days in Dublin I am hoping to find a day spa where I will be able to pamper my sore muscles for an hour or two. Any of you have suggestions on day spas you have used or one you've heard about in Dublin?


Ps. I've tried looking at Trip Advisor already and there is only one spa reviewed and it is a bad review. And I trust you all a lot more than other sites like Yelp and such.

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I have no personal experience with day spas in Dublin, but just Googling "Dublin day spa" brought up a list of several that looked well-reviewed.

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Foot bath full of Guinness, slices of potato on your eyes, massaged with whiskey...

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Ha! Karen, Love your suggestions! :)

Nancy, Yep, I've done that google search a couple of times in the previous months and even started methodically going through all the returns and looking at websites and reviews on Yelp, but it was still a bit overwhelming and very time consuming (especially when I should've been spending my time researching more important details of my trip).

I knew it was going to be a stretch that someone might have a recommendation, but figured it didn't hurt to ask. I'll just use the money I would've spent on the spa, on a slightly nicer hotel room and pamper myself that way!

Thanks for taking the time to reply! :)

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Hi Angella,

I have found that waiting until I get there and asking at hotels or even a waitress in a great restaurant usually will come up with some good finds. The locals usually are in the know.