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Dublin Day Pass: Is is worth it?

We are traveling to Dublin for a five day trip. Spending two days doing 'day trips' outside the city. We are looking at the Dublin Day Pass for the remaining days in the city: Is it worth purchasing for the discounts? It looks as if many of the attractions are free? Any suggestions? What free or discounted sites are (other than the public free ones) included in the pass? The web-site doesn't give much info on what is included.

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As John says, you just have to do the math yourself on this one. Don't just consider the total cost of what the pass offers. Also consider how long it takes to see some things, and how many you can actually fit into the days you have available. They offer a similar card in Chicago and I considered it when hosting a friend from Spain. When we looked at how much time we actually had to see the things we wanted to see, it turned out that buying individual tickets to specific things was less expensive. A card can list lots more things than you can physically see in the time allotted.

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Basic Rule of Life: The only people that make out on passes are the people that sell the passes.

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What Ed said. Don't ask me how I know. It involves a London Pass. Years later, I still keep the silly card on a shelf in my home office as a reminder that I am so not a financial genius.