In dublinfor cruise stop so we only have about 8 hrs. Can someone help with things to do. There will be 10 of us. Thanks

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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rhonda, There are lots of choices, depending on your interests..... > Walking tour covering the most significant sites, including the Book of Kells at Trinity College > Hop On / Hop Off Bus tours, which will provide a good overview > Wander through the Temple Bar District and of course enjoy a pint (or two) of Guinness. Oliver St. John Gogarty's is usually quite "lively" (especially if there's a match on) > Take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse (often long queues though, so not necessarily the best thing to do with limited time). The tour culminates with a visit to the Gravity Bar, where you'll be able to enjoy your "free" pint (included with admission). It's a bit like a greenhouse, so usually warm in the bar, but the views are great! > Visit the Kilmainham Gaol, which is a significant site in Irish History (where some of the leaders of the 1916 rebellion were executed). It's been used in a couple of movies including the original Italian Job (Michael Caine) and also In The Name of the Father (Daniel Day Lewis). Happy travels and Sláinte!

Posted by Nancy
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Not knowing when your trip is, or what time you will actually be off the ship, I might not recommend the Book of Kells. If you don't get there early in the day, especially during peak tourist season, the line to get in can be long. Likewise, I would not recommend the Guinness Storehouse. It is expensive and you don't see anything of the brewing process, just a lot of advertising, and buying opportunities for the same Guinness souvenirs you can find everywhere. I would also suggest Kilmainham Gaol, and I agree that the hop-on, hop-off bus is a good, informative overview of the city. The whole route will take about 90 minutes, and you can get off wherever you see something you want to explore. You will definitely want to wander Grafton Street. There are always musicians along this pedestrian street that are fun to watch. You might also like the tour of a Georgian home at 29 Lower Fitzwilliam St.

Posted by Brad
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Trinity College is a good choice. As Nancy says, if you aren't there first thing (awhile before opening), the lines could consume a large piece of your day. Your cruise schedule will tell you when you get there. I usually start a little before that time by going straight to the gangway and waiting there to beat the crowds off the boat. Guinness factory tour isn't worth your limited time. It's like a Superbowl where all the commercials are Guinness and there isn't a game between them. The only good thing is the ale at the end - but you can get a pint anywhere. I'm not a fan of Temple Bar area. It's mostly big bars, like you would see in any big city, rather than quaint Irish pubs. If all else fails much of center is walkable, or you can use transit buses to get around.

Posted by Tod
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If an Archaeology Museum sounds like something you might be remotely interested in the one in Dublin is great, housed in an amazing building and is free so you can spend some time without having to worry about "getting your money's worth". http://www.museum.ie/en/list/visit-us-overview-archaeology-ethnography.aspx I was blown away by this museum = I don't know why it doesn't get better billing. Have great time,