Driving tour of British Isles or Bruges/Haarlem/Amsterdam?

My husband and I are going to London the first week of June this year for a quick reunion trip with friends. We've visited London (and Europe several times) before and are looking to extend our trip for a week in one of two directions. 1) Rent a car in London and then travel around Bath, Cotswolds, etc. or 2) Take a train to Bruges, then on to places like Haarlem and Amsterdam. Any recommendations or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Not a hard choice for me as I love the English countryside. I would definitely just get a car in London and take off traveling the Cotswolds. I also like Bath, but prefer the smaller villages. There are just so many places to visit that are within a short drive. But, if you have already visited this area and not gone to Bruges, then go someplace new. I just visited Bruges a few weeks ago and it was delightful, but while I revisit the English countryside I have no need to return to either Amsterdam or Bruges.