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Driving in Dublin

Is driving within the city of Dublin itself a hassle? I've driven in Ireland before without issue, but not in Dublin. Our thought is to rent a car at Dublin airport and drive into the city for a few hours before heading for the hinterlands.

We could bus or taxi in as an alternative and then rent a car on our way out from dublin, but we'll be carrying luggage and the double transportation arrangements might consume too much time.

If you have experience driving to and in dublin, please let me know your opinion. Thanks.

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I have driven in Dublin twice. As with any city, there is traffic, but if you are comfortable driving in Ireland it shouldn't be much of a problem. There is a parking garage near the city center at St Stephens Green Shopping Center at the end of Grafton St. You can catch the hop-on, hop-off bus, if you want, at the other end of Grafton, a couple of blocks away. Kilmainham Jail has parking on the street right in front of the door. Given your situation, with luggage and all, I would say driving would be your best alternative.

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I am a Dublin native and I would never drive in the city centre but I agree with Nancy that there is parking available and that would be your best bet. Park and then walk around. Avoid the rush hours - usually until 10 in the morning and 5 - 6.30 in the evening. Stuff happens later in Ireland.

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I've read many posts on this site that tell of the horrors of driving in Dublin...I couldn't disagree more. It all depends on your own confidence. I consider myself a good, defensive driver. I had no problem driving in Dublin. It helped that I had my wife (an excelent navigator) to direct me. Don't be worried about driving in worried about what it will cost to park!

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I drove in and around Dublin without a problem. Female over the age of 50 but I live in LA so nothing rattles me traffic wise. The St. Stephen's garage is great. Just make certain you find out when it closes. Nearly got locked out one evening!

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I drove from the airport thru Dublin to the south.Then I drove from DunLaoghaire thru Dublin to return the car.We drove in the evening after the rush hr. and followed the airport signs.Not a problem.

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Thanks everyone. I'll think I'll stick with my original plan, which is to pick up the rental car at the airport and go ahead and drive to Dublin. Sounds like it won't be THAT big of a deal.