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Drinking tap water in Ireland

Is the tap water in Ireland safe to drink, or is bottled water the way to go?

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I never had any problems with the tap water in Ireland. Certainly, it tastes a bit different than water "at home", but that's normal for travel anywhere.

I usually let the water run for a short time, to clean out any impurities (considering some places have very OLD plumbing).

Happy travels!

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In 30 years of travel to Europe I've rarely paid for bottled water. I let the tap run a minute and then fill up my own water bottle, one I wash out with soapy water every evening. The Rand Corp. did a study and found tap water is as good as bottled and sometimes better (from a water quality stand-point). Now in some places the water tastes "funny" and that is usually due to local mineral deposits in the water. It's a matter of taste. You don't brush your teeth with bottled water I bet, at least not in Europe or Northern America so it's not a health issue. Besides, you'll be drinking beer in Ireland anyway! Happy travels.

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Tap water in Ireland is generally as safe as anything in the US or the rest of Europe. The only time one might want to be cautious is if you are staying in a house that has a private water supply. There have been problems with private water supplies that are not properly treated, and it's something the government has been trying to tackle.

But that shouldn't be a problem unless you are staying out in the country.


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Irish tap water is probably the purest tap water in the world.

It must be a front runner for the softest tap water in the world. That is one reason why the Irish girls have such shiney black hair, it isn't fancy lotions and potions it's water quality.

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Thanks to all that gave their advice. Now we can enjoy our trip to Ireland with no water worries.

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I can see the concern about water. You probably had heard a problem with the water. Last summer Galway did have a problem with their water. This was only in Galway and from what I understand it has been resolved.

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Again, thank you all for responding to my query. I think I got sufficient answers to my question. No further responses are necessary.